Information For Home Sellers

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you undoubtedly have some goals that you would like to meet. Most often, sellers want to maximize their equity and have a smooth transition to their new home. You may have some additional goals as well – for example, a specific timeline. I am very interested in hearing your real estate goals, and working with you to meet them.

Choosing a REALTOR®:

Choosing the right REALTOR® for you is important - you instinctively know you need someone you can count on to get the job done and meet your family’s specific goals. When you meet with, or consider, salespersons as you make this decision, take some time to reflect on how the salesperson is presenting to you – are you comfortable? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as:

  • » Is s/he truly concerned with what your specific needs and wants are? Is s/he asking questions about you and your family?
  • » What services does s/he provide?
  • » Does s/he have a good track record or an outstanding track record?
  • » How many expired listings has s/he had this year?
  • » Does s/he have references with whom you can speak?

Selecting list price:

Market value of your home is technically the amount that you are willing to sell for and what a buyer is willing to pay. The job of the REALTOR® is to help you understand what this number is most likely to be. The REALTOR® who tells you the highest list price is not necessarily the one who will sell your house for the most money – make sure you have the best evidence available to support the price you’re choosing. Statistics show that homes that are over-priced sell for less money in the end. Price it right, and maximize your equity.

Commission rate is one of the most common factors that sellers use to choose a REALTOR®. Sadly, the REALTOR® who lists your house for the lowest commission rate does not necessarily put the most money in your pocket. You automatically know that “cheapest” doesn’t mean “best”. And you undoubtedly realize that “best” will put the most money in your pocket. Choose wisely, and protect your equity.

Give me a call. I'm waiting to hear from you!