Information For Home Buyers

Information for Home Buyers

The most important advice I can offer to individuals/families interested in purchasing a home in North Simcoe County/Southern Georgian Bay, under the current market conditions, is to find a local realtor to work with. With the availability of so much information on the internet, many buyers conduct their own home searches online and reach out to an agent when they see a home that really interests them. This approach to home buying may actually put you, the buyer, at a disadvantage, and of course every buyer instinctively knows that being in the strongest negotiating position will help you get the home that you most desire at the best price possible. I therefore highly recommend following the process outlined below.

First Step

Meet with your lender and obtain mortgage prequalification. This will not only typically guarantee you the current interest rates for a set period of time, but once you are ready to make an offer, it will make your offer more attractive to the seller because s/he will be confident in your ability to meet the financing requirements. Prequalification means that your lender (or mortgage agent/broker) has actually reviewed your documents.

Second Step

Call me to set up an introductory appointment to review the home buying process and begin the search for your dream home. You can expect this meeting to last up to 30 minutes. Whether you’re a new home buyer or have experience with the process, you’ll undoubtedly find it’s worth the time! Some buyers are reluctant to take this step because they want to go directly to viewing houses. Doesn’t it make the most sense to look at homes that truly meet your needs and wants, rather than waste hours and perhaps days looking at homes that are not in the right neighbourhoods and/or don’t have the features that you’re seeking? Let’s take just a few minutes to ensure that I understand what you need and want, and you can take this opportunity to determine if I am the realtor you’d like to work with.

Even if you have been through the home buying process in the past, a quick review of what will happen, and how you can best prepare for all steps and requirements, will relieve stress and help ensure that you and your family move from the shopping phase to the moving in phase quickly and smoothly, with minimal stress.

Third Step

I will be there with you every step of the way, while you look at homes that meet your criteria, make your selection, and then make an offer. You can count on me to ensure that you're well educated on market values in the neighbourhood of your choice, and if you're not familiar with the North Simcoe County/Southern Georgian Bay area, I will ensure that the neighbourhoods we search in meet your needs. From beginning to end, I will provide the support you need so that you make the best purchase to meet your needs and have a smooth transition - whether that means simply helping you find a great lender, lawyer or home inspector, reputable mover or insurance broker, or to simply provide a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any details, or to help you with something more complex – I won’t let you down.

Service After Sale

Once you have made your move, I will continue to be a great resource for you. Lasting relationships are important to me.